Phuket - Which Property?

Discussion created by pluto77 on Jun 23, 2019
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Looking to spend a weekend in Phuket in July.  I'm needing recommendations on where to stay.  Looking for:


  1. Points or cash, either way works.
  2. Reeeally would like an ocean view, also a plunge pool would be nice to temper heat and humidity, so any property that is known to honor SNA's and Titanium/Ambassador upgrades would be greatly desired/appreciated.
  3. Some luxury is desired, but can't afford to go crazy, so... The Ritz-Carlton Phulay Bay is out (but, man oh man...!), and likely so is the Naka Phuket (Design Hotel).
  4. Likewise, since it'll be a short stay, we don't want to spend an excessive amount of travel time to/from HKT.  So this kind of excludes the Khao Lak area north of the airport (the JW Khao Lak is currently unavailable during our timeframe anyway.)
  5. We will likely be prioritizing time spent at the resort over local sight-seeing (maybe?)
  6. Tagging Insiders, but all responses are welcome with gratitude. tker normanp hallchr jasper100 monisame starguy verysuiteboy brilin klaus29