Parking Fees Precedent

Discussion created by edcanada on Jun 21, 2019

My concern is about parking fees recently implemented by a REIT hotel organization that operates three hotels in Ocala, Florida located at Exit 350 on Interstate 75.

Two of the hotels , Fairfield Inn and Residence Inn now charge a $10.00 per day parking fee which does not make any sense for these locations as noted by many of the recent negative reviews on the Marriott website. The third hotel Courtyard does not charge a fee probably because their parking is adjacent to the free Cracker Barrel parking lot. 

As a long time customer of these hotels in Florida, I decided to do some research. The three hotels in Ocala are owned by AMERICAN HOTEL INCOME PROPERTIES. They operate 112 properties, 28 of which are Marriott Hotels. Their hotel property portfolio is on their website WWW.AHIPREIT.COM

Of the 28 Marriott hotels, they have implemented parking fees in 18 locations which are listed below. The other 10 hotels do not have parking fees, maybe, for reasons similar to the Courtyard in Ocala that I previously described. I hope they are not setting a precedent. Implementation of parking fees by major hotels owners should be of concern as it may become an industry standard similar to Resort fees in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and elsewhere.


Courtyard Wall Township, New Jersey                      Complementary

Residence Inn Hanover, Maryland                             $10.00

Residence Inn Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey    $10.00

Residence Inn Baltimore(White Marsh), Maryland     $10.00

Residence Inn Mount Laurel, New Jersey                  $10.00

Residence Inn Neptune, New Jersey                          Complementary

Springhill Suites Bellport, New Jersey                        $10.00

Springhill Suites Hanover, Maryland                           $10.00

Courtyard Tampa, Florida                                            Complementary

Residence Inn Chattanooga, Tennessee                     Complementary

Courtyard Ocala, Florida                                              Complementary

Residence Inn Ocala, Florida                                      $10.00

Courtyard Statesville, North Carolina                            Complementary

Springhill Suites Pinehurst, North Carolina                  $10.00

Residence Inn Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania      Complementary

Fairfield Inn Baltimore(white Marsh), Maryland            $10.00

Townplace Suites Hanover, Maryland                          $10.00

Fairfield Inn Orlando/Ocoee, Florida                             $10.00

Fairfield Inn Jacksonville, Florida                                  Complementary

Fairfield Inn Lake City, Florida                                      $10.00

Townplace Suites Chattanooga, Tennessee                 Complementary

Fairfield Inn Ocala, Florida                                            $10.00

Fairfield Inn Melbourne, Florida                                     $5.00

Fairfield Inn Titusville, Florida                                        $5.00

Fairfield Inn Amarillo, Texas                                          $10.00

Fairfield Inn Kingsland, Georgia                                    $10.00

Fairfield Inn Asheboro, North Carolina                         Complementary

Fairfield Inn South Fill, Virginia                                     $10.00