Spirit to Serve Nomination - Aggi - Sheraton Milan Malpensa

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Good afternoon!


I would like to nominate Aggi L’Bouhdidi who currently works at the Sheraton Milan Malpensa hotel as a Front Desk Shift Leader. Aggi has been with Starwood/Marriott for many years and is an exemplary employee. 


Some background about me: I am a Marriott Lifetime Platinum member from the Netherlands and travel for both work and leisure. With Marriott hotels being my favourite hotel chain and home away from home. 


I first met Aggi in 2009 when he was working at the Sheraton Fuerteventura Beach Golf & Spa Resort on the Canary Islands. While I was there on a family holiday, Aggi recognized us speaking Dutch and surprised us by introducing himself in fluent Dutch. Aggi is of Moroccan descent and has lived multiple years in the Netherlands, thus speaking Dutch perfectly. Besides Dutch, he speaks an amazing number of languages, I believe he speaks, at least French, Spanish and Italian if not more! Aggi really made us feel welcome, I believe his title was something like "Guest Ambassador" at the time. He would always greet us, and take some time for some small talk. Amazingly he also always remembered our names. 


About a year after this, we had another family holiday in Fuerteventura. Aggi was there and remembered us from the previous year. He really made our vacations special. If I recall correctly we had three family vacations at the Sheraton in Fuerteventura, and Aggi was there for during all of them. 


Then a few years passed, we stopped going on holiday to the Canary Islands. As an SPG Platinum at the time, I travelled extensively through Europe and had many stays in Italy. It was during my first stay, about 3-4 years after our last stay in Fuerteventura, at the then newly build Sheraton Malpensa Airport, that I was met with a familiar face. It was Aggi, after a few short moments, he remembered me from our previous interactions, and we talked for quite a while about what brought him to Italy etc. For me, to remember a guest, years after meeting them in a different country, that is what real hospitality is like. 


In the years since then I have met Aggi at least once or twice a year at the Sheraton Malpensa, and we always fondly talk about the past and about life in general. In my opnion, Aggi is an amazing employee of Marriott International and deserved to be recognized. 


Please let me know if you need any more info or feedback from me, to consider giving Aggi the Spirit to Serve award. 


Kind regards, 

Thomas van Bracht