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Paris Rive Gauche, Boulogne or La Defense?

Question asked by fern on Jun 24, 2019
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Hi, everyone,


More European travel coming my way (not complaining!) I have to book 10 days with points in Paris. On my first trip, I stayed at the Champs Elysees and had a fabulous time. This time around, I have to be mindful about points, so I chose a Cat. 5 since I have some certificates also. I currently have reservations at all 3, but I want to be sure before I cancel the two I won't use. All three hotels looked good. My criteria is:


1. Lounge. Any one better than the other? If you had to rank them, in what order would they be?

2. Lobby. It's not like I will spend tons of time at the hotel necessarily, but it somehow depresses me to arrive to a "blah" lobby that has seen better days...I want to be able to have a drink or be able to sit down to chat or wait for family members in a somewhat stylish lobby that does not look frozen in time or in need of renovations! So far, all three seem okay in this respect. Same thing for rooms. Any ranking here?

3. Travel convenience. Traveling with my parents (mom hates the metro, but she'll do bus or Uber), so how far are these hotels from St. Germain Des Pres, le Marais, Place Vendome, and the "nice" areas?  I know I could look it up on a map, but sometimes having experienced it makes for a better recommendation!

4. Driving. I've heard good or bad, it that different from driving, let's say, in Madrid? Is it worth it renting a car with regards to parking in the city? pluto77 what do you think?

5. Odd question but...does it rain a lot in late September-early October? It seems like it rains in Paris ALL THE TIME!!! LOL!!

6. Room. I am booking a double, so it needs to truly be a double and not a "2 twin" situation. From the pictures, I think all three have doubles, but any real experience helps! Also, are upgrades realistic?


Thank you SO much for your help!