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Is a passport important enough to follow up with a guest?

Question asked by joannedennison on Jun 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2019 by pingreeman

Recently was in Toronto from the US. Stayed in the Sheraton Centre for the first part of the trip due to a conference, and then when the conference was over moved to the Marriott Eaton Centre for the remainder of the trip. I did something in the move I have never done before--left the passport case at the Sheraton. (before you berate me, I am actually very methodical, but it had been a very tough five days). I did not notice until we were on our way to the airport. This was three days after we had checked out of the Sheraton. After ripping through every suitcase, purse and briefcase I started calling the two hotels. Got a call back from the Sheraton basically saying--"yes we have them". We turned around and somehow managed to get them and get back to the airport in time . (Something to be said for going extremely early and having the most wonderful Uber driver).  When I asked at the Sheraton why someone had not contacted me, basically I was told "We don't do that". 

I get it--if it was a piece of clothing , a book, a charging cord or almost anything else--they hang on to it to see if the guests contacts them. But a passport??? I could not believe that because it was something so "official" and important that this was the outcome.  Although I would hope they would follow up on anything that important to any guest, in addition I am a Titanium Lifetime member so I would have thought it would be done as customer service to a frequent guest.

So the question--am i being unreasonable? And if I am not, who would be the best person to follow up with--the GM?