Italy trip in October

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Hi, everyone!


Planning a trip to Italy in early October, for about 15-17 days. Landing in Rome and traveling to Venice. Any suggestions on the following questions would be GREATLY appreciated! This is a trip on points, where I will be traveling with my brother and parents. My mom's life-long wish has been to visit Venice, so that stop is a must, but any other cities/stops near Rome or Venice could be welcome! THANK YOU so much for your advice!!!



We love lounges, but I guess the lounge choice is quite limited, so I was thinking to stay at the Excelsior in Rome. Any tips before booking (room preferences, things to keep in mind, etc.)? Is the Palazzo Naiadi a better choice? Do they both offer the free breakfast option, since there is no lounge? 


For Venice, we are considering the Gritti Palace. I loved the idea of the JW Marriott, but I'm concerned with the lack of breakfast option and the fact that since you are "trapped", anything you want to get is exorbitant in terms of price. Also, the whole 20 minute ride seems like a hassle for a first time visit to Venice. I also considered the Dei Dogi or the Danieli, but it seems like the Danieli is in need of a renovation and the Dei Dogi seems similar. Am I wrong? 



What is the best way to travel from Rome to Venice in terms of price-to-convenience? Also, to visit nearby cities/towns around Rome and Venice, what are some reasonable options? 



I was thinking to spend about 5 days in Rome and then 5 days in Venice (4 nights and the free night), but for the rest of the days (another 5) we could stay somewhere else. Any suggestions, including hotels? Would it be better to simply extend the stays in any of the 2 cities and simply do day trips?


4.   MUST SEE:

Any "must see" visits in Rome and Venice? I am asking this because, well, I know you probably could spend a month and still not see everything, but for first timers, we need to prioritize! LOL!



Any recommendations regarding what to pack, weather-wise, would be great. Also, any festivals, feasts, and celebrations that we should know about, would be appreciated!


THANK YOU, again, for all your help!

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