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Which Bonvoy hotel for IAH?

Question asked by brightlybob on Jun 21, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2019 by brightlybob

Gosh, IAH has plenty of Bonvoy choices and prices too! From the on-airport Marriott at $230 or Cat4 25,000 points


and the many bus shuttle choices including another full service in the shape of the Sheraton at $150 or Cat3 17,500 points, Courtyard at $140 or Cat2 12,500 points, Springhill at $120 or Cat2 12,500 points, Towneplace at $110 or Cat2 12,500 points or the Fairfield at $90 or Cat2 12,500 points.


Finally theres the even a more distant full service Marriott Houston North (actually in Greenspoint) at $150 or Cat2 12,500 points which also offers an IAH complimentary shuttle and hence completes the ensemble - and yes, I’m aware there’s a Four-Points that also claims IAH in its name but it doesn’t run a shuttle so isn’t of any interest to me here, I’m not hiring a car or hailing a cab.


Anyone like to help me with pros and cons on a one night stay? Thanks in advance!