Delta Hotels by Marriott Huntington Mall -Barboursville, WV

Discussion created by jayreeves on Jun 21, 2019

I stay at Marriotts ~44 weeks a year.


I literally never get Marriott Surveys and rarely leave reviews:


While this hotel is literally brand new, it is my well documented belief that they opened their doors too soon. Its a shame that such a beautiful hotel has service that is polar opposite


Backstory: My company gets preferred pricing with Hilton, so I have to pay out of pocket for the difference in price when I book Marriott, but I am loyal so i do it anyways. 


I booked a King room 2 weeks before my arrival for an 11 night stay. 


Upon arrival, I was greeted by a very nice fellow who explained to me that the mobile keys were not working. 


The next 4 nights consisted of intermittent Wifi issues that literally hindered the use of the internet so I had to leave to use wifi in order to do my work. ( I reported this every night and was told that they were aware and working on it)


Over the course of the entire 11 nights, I had to get 7 new room keys issued. Finally I was able to get the battery replaced on my door(weird because the hotel is brand new)


During the second week of my stay on night number 8, the water literally started pouring our BROWN WATER, literal brown water. THEN the water turned off completely, Same for the sink. Fast forward 2 hours and the sink began to work...but with brown water coming out only...then it went off again. 


That night I was told 'maintenance left for the night, but I will leave a note and have it fixed tomorrow while you work', so that night I had to go to another hotel to shower(I did not want to have to pack everything back up)


The next night after work, I get to my room to find out that I was still without water, they then send someone up to the room who tells me that a water main had broken the night before and they never turned my water back on...he told me that he couldnt fix it, but the engineer would be back in the morning and they would fix it first thing...(yet another payment to a motel just to use the shower)


Cue the last night of my stay when I am told that "the engineer said everything was fixed, but was gone for the night"


There was a baseball team that stayed at the hotel as well that was extremely loud during the night, my room was across from a waffle house and other businesses with lights that are blinding all night..so my only options were full blackout or blinding lights. We share a road with a strip club that allowed for more interaction with drunk people in a parking lot than I am comfortable with.


Finally: I had to call to get a copy of my folio 2 weeks later, I was informed they didnt have real email yet so they sent it to me from a Holiday Inn Express gmail account....


With me being in the Legal profession, I have the pictures/videos of the brown water and no water...recorded phone calls to the front desk, and recorded each interaction I had with hotel staff. 


Since my stay I have called the hotel 14 times and received no response, I even emailed the GM and received no response.