Changing habits for this promo

Discussion created by nipper on Jun 18, 2019
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1500 points per stay for 2 night min stays. 


If you want to property hop on longer stays,  you can get some more points. 


My case is I fly in Sunday night,  stay near the airport, then drive 45 minutes to work on Monday, stay in a local property M-F and fly home. My property costs are close to the same (4 nights at the RI for $100 a night and 1 night at the airport Ren for $104). 


If I do 2 nights at the Ren and 3 at the RI I get a ton more points (1500 promo, plus Ren is double points comparedf to RI, plus checkin bonus).  Is it worth 2 ugly drives to the airport (I have a Prius so the $3.00 in gas isn't a huge issue), if I eat at the CL even save money.  


I  will have to think on this.