A Warning to all Bonvoy Customers.

Discussion created by brilin on Jun 17, 2019
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As a leisure traveller I very rarely stay in a hotel for a single night. I mostly stay for a week at a time but I will often make a booking on a paid rate and then top that up with another booking made on points or even half and half.

Twice now this year the same problem has arisen. When I come to check the nights and points posted to my account they have been completely wrong. The hotels, rather than treat the 2 bookings as separate items have amalgamated the bills and Made them into one account. This has been Sent to Marriott under one booking number, the one used for the points or free stay. This completely blows the Marriott awards system. My first stay in January this year, the hotel managed to sort out the points problem but after various calls and e-mail s I have given up on getting to resolve the stays and nights problem.

The same thing has just happened to me yesterday. I have been staying at the Sheraton in Tenerife. This morning I checked to see if my points and stay had posted and I find that, although I paid the hotel 891€ yesterday that I had received On 1300points as opposed to the 17500 that I should have recieved, only 2 nights had posted and no stays.

I spoke to the hotel who informed me that they now just send a copy of the bill to Marriott who are then responsible for working out the points, stays and nights!