Marriott Cancellation Discrepancy

Discussion created by hudson22 on Jun 16, 2019
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We have always been fans of Marriott and my husband is an Elite Titanium member and has been for a long time. However, we recently came across a very disappointing situation. We were planning to stay at The W in Miami back in March and we were using points. However, the weather was not looking so great so we checked to see what our options would be. We called Marriott customer service and were told we could cancel by Friday with no penalty and receipt of our points back. We waited one more day and then called back on Thursday, cancelled the W Miami and booked The W in Punta Mita, once again confirming that we would receive the points back and that there would not be any fees. All was well or so we thought. Shortly after that, my husband received a charge of $717 from The W in Miami. We called Marriott, assuming it was a mistake and that we would be refunded. Marriott checked with The W Miami. The W Miami indicated that even though we had cancelled and used points, we had to pay a 1 night cancellation fee of the current rate at the time- $717.


Needless to say, this did not feel like an appropriate resolution given that two different Marriott reps had assured us that there would not be a cancellation fee. Each agent we spoke with regarding this issue agreed that we should not be charged and understood our frustration and attempted to help resolve this for us by opening a case to help push this to an agreeable completion. However, there has not been resolution. After many hours on the phone, those who make the final decisions at Marriott have not been willing to bring this to satisfactory resolution. We have called multiple times! We are told someone will get back to us within 5 business days and this does not happen either. We completely understand that there are times when cancellation policies are in place. But having been told twice by Marriott representatives on two different occasions for this reservation that there wouldn't be any as long as we cancelled by Friday, we feel that we should not have to pay $717 since we cancelled on Thursday.


Has anyone had a similar situation?