Rewards Points Discrepancy

Discussion created by jguties on Jun 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2019 by hallchr

I recently discovered that I have not been receiving the correct amount of points for my stays over the course of the last year or more.


I contacted customer care where an agent confirmed I was correct and that instead of staying on the phone to manually make the corrections (it would take a long time) she would create a case and have it done.


I keep receiving emails back telling me I have to send in the dates, property names and address, for all of my stays. This to me is absurd and will take me a lot of time to do. Why is this so difficult to get corrected? 


Can rewards not just see my account (folio) and manually look into it and make the corrections. I am Platinum Elite almost Titanium. They wouldn't accept screenshots of the stays from what I see on my BONvoy app.