The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain - my belated review

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If you're looking for a place to get away from day to day stresses, The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain provides a quiet and relaxing venue with a backyard wilderness wonderland. Nestled comfortably in the foothills of the Tortolina Mountains, the place is about a 45 minute drive from Tucson International Airport. If you're looking to enjoy a bit of Tucson nightlife, be aware that you'll have a bit of a drive. The road leading to the hotel has a small building where the ranger on duty will check to make sure your name is on the appropriate list.


This property comes with a $50 resort fee that includes quite a few amenities that one can enjoy, including valet parking. Since we intended to spend our entire stay on property, there really was no need to utilize the valet so I asked about self-parking. Agreeing to self-park saved $29/day on the resort fee. For the remaining $21, I fully expected to enjoy the opportunity to try the mountain bikes, tennis court, and maybe even a fitness class. It's worth noting that the property offers quite a lot for the resort fee. In addition to the ones I just mentioned, guests can enjoy access to a driving range (clubs included), an evening mixology class, high-speed internet, and more.


At check-in, our room was upgraded to a mountain view on the 4th floor. Before self-parking, we wanted to take our luggage up to the room. Since our previous night was spent in a Four Points whose elevator seemed to end each journey with a noticeable bounce and kathunk we both appreciated how quickly and smoothly the Ritz-Carlton elevator brought us to the 4th floor. We unloaded our bags, then went down to self-park. Much of the parking lot is reserved for the valet, but it wasn't too hard to find a spot. Walking back to the entrance took a few minutes, so it was good that we took care of the luggage first. The soft sound a Native American flute greeted us at the entrance. We stood just beyond the lobby and listened, allowing the peaceful song to set the tone for our stay. Once the music ended, we took a short walk through the little garden walkway on the north side of the hotel and discovered some hollow metal tubes mounted on poles of varying heights. They seemed pointed at the hillside, so we took a peak and discovered numerous petroglyphs adorned the rocky slopes.


Afterwards, we returned to our room to find a nice, little welcome. Unfortunately I was recovering from a cold and medicated with decongestants/NSAIDs so I had to take a pass on Coronas this time. Since my spouse isn't much of a beer drinker, I just put the Coronas in the fridge and enjoyed the chips and salsa on the balcony. The fragrantly blossoming onsite orange grove beneath us was alive with the hum of local pollinators, including hummingbirds.



The bed (whole room in fact) was extraordinarily comfortable, and I was able to get some really good rest for the first time in a long while.















The bathroom came with a double sink, shower with additional spray head and soaking tub. I particularly liked that the toilet was partitioned

separately from the shower, tub, and sink.




The view from our balcony was beautiful!


A number of nearby hiking trails offer opportunities for wildlife viewing. You'll likely see Gambel's quail, western cottontails, roadrunners, Gila woodpeckers, zebra-tailed lizards, and more! There is so much life in the arroyo! But they also have some special animal guests onsite including a resident tortoise whose name eludes me. If you're interested, you can even hold a tarantula – I passed.


Food was fantastic! I enjoyed a breakfast burrito unlike any other to begin each morning. One morning a roadrunner sped through the outside dining much to my delight. Generous portions were provided for all meals. The service was always friendly and prompt. Though our needs remained fairly basic throughout our stay, I overheard a conversation with some other guests who had some highly specific requests that were politely accommodated. I didn't make use of the swimming areas, but one pool had a slide and saw plenty of activity and fun. Another adjacent pool area seemed a little quieter and was used primarily by adults for swimming/soaking.


If there's one thing that could've been done better, it's that housekeeping had fallen a teeny bit short of the mark in my opinion. Nothing major, but I found a couple paper clips on the floor near the corner of our bed which led me to wonder what else might have been missed. Overall, the entire stay was relaxed, comfortable, and very enjoyable.