Hard to believe it is a year since all the confusion

Discussion created by pey on Jun 13, 2019
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So last year, right about now, many of us were running up to try to get lifetime something, we had so many more questions than answers. The new rules were to come into affect in mid August, This sight was obsessed with in the absence of black and white rules speculating, worrying, ranting,,,etc Some of the issues were


  • What do we have to do before the August date,
  • Is it better to combine our accounts early or later
  • How will our SPG an Marriott accounts combine wrt lifetime years.
  • What counts and what does not counts
  • The lifetime clock quietly was disabled
  • etc
  • etc


Some senior members like o0o0o0o0o0o...points!, yogib, bejacob and of course the always most helpful brightlybob gave advice on ways to try to get over the line.


My question is a year later "How did we do? and was it worth it??"