Anyone Else Experience Horrendous Customer Service?

Discussion created by miamiap on Jun 8, 2019

We’ve been loyal elite members for over 7 years, clocking over 98 stays based purely on family vacations at Marriott only hotels. After the way I have been treated by Customer service, I’m so disappointed in Marriott. For years, I hadn’t had any issues. This week, I called into customer service and I’m shocked over how rude the points agents were. I interacted with 3 different callers all claiming to be supervisors and communicated via email with 3 different reps, each saying something completely different than the other, which no one seeming to have a solve for a rather simple issue. I had two bonus elite nights that were earned before a promotion ended that we’re not added to my account. I was practically called a liar, despite having the confirmation, receipts and screenshots, I was overtalked, mis- transferred, and hung up on while I was still talking. Has anyone else experienced this. I’m so mad because we’ve invested so much money in this brand. I’m very intentional about reading terms and conditions and I always audit my stays I’m so disgusted.