Spirit to Serve Nomination

Discussion created by mrhalfaday on Jun 5, 2019
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I would like to nominate Eva Thurber, Front Desk Agent at the Boston Marriott Copley Place for a Spirit to Serve Award.  I had a tough time with flight cancellations getting into Boston and on my last day of the trip I had a tough time getting out.  Flight cancellation forced me to find a new hotel for one night.   I checked in weary and exhausted and ready to share my story with Eva who listened eagerly, checked me in and we shared a couple of quick stories of my hometown.  About 30 minutes later, Eva sent up a bag with a few snacks and drinks with a wonderful note thanking me for choosing to stay at Marriott and sorry that I couldn't make it home that day.  Really made my day!  It speaks so highly of just who Eva is as a person and of Marriott in the ability to attract and retain talent!  Thank you Eva!