Leaving a hotel review

Discussion created by chris0001 on Jun 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2019 by wsm78

Where do you go in the Marriott website to create a review? As a Lifetime Titanium w/Ambassador member you would think they would get out the knee pads and make it as easy as it can be, but I looked for about 20 minutes and, while I see other people's reviews, I don't see a simple link to "Write your review" - it should be front and center if you have pride in your product, it is obfuscated if you are afraid of what might be said. So clearly fear wins out here.


Any help is appreciated. I first stayed at a Marriott in 1985 and have never (ever) complained before so I guess they should be a kittle fearful. I had such an atrocious experience at the 28th Street Fairfield Inn that I am ready to make it public to save any other serious traveler from having it happen to them.