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Stranger used my account to stay at a Marriott!

Question asked by curlsnswirls on Jun 8, 2019
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Someone stayed at a Marriott on my account!!!


Late May I got a confirmation email confirming a reservation I didn't make. Looking at it in my Marriott account, the guest name did not match our name. As if we had reserved a room for someone else. I called Marriott, alerted them, and they said they'd take care of it. 

Now I see an $1100 charge from this person on my Chase Marriott credit card. Obviously he was able to still reserve a room under my name and put his charges on my card.

This is so crazy! I don't want to challenge it with my credit card because I don't think he has my credit card number, he was just somehow allowed to reserve a room with our information. Even though his information didn't match anything of ours... shouldn't he have had to have some sort of authorization form confirming that he could check in on our account? 

This is so crazy, I'm so dissatisfied with Marriott. And we've been loyal customers for years.