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Question asked by duceno1 on Jun 5, 2019
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Hi, I recently stayed at the Renaissance Vendome, using points + cash.  On our first afternoon of arriving (05/30/19) we noticed that the thermostat was not working in the room.  The following day, as the temperatures outside rose to the high 80s, we raised the issue with the hotel, who stated it was being worked on.  The offered bottle drinks and a fan.  The next day, as the temperature grew higher, we were offered more fans, and more bottled water.  On Saturday, we were told we could move to another room on Sunday when it became available.  After consideration, since we were leaving 5 am Monday morning, we felt better not switching rooms just for the night.


Based upon a review on Trip Advisor, it appears the hotel was aware of the issue prior to our stay, but made no mention of it.  Apparently this issue impacted other rooms as well.


In addition, Friday morning (05/31), we tried using the elevator.  I am disabled, and use a motorized wheelchair.  Our room was on the 4th floor.  After a few minutes, I noticed the elevator was not operating.  My travel partner went downstairs to check with the hotel.  They said the elevator was being serviced.  There was no notice from staff given my situation of the circumstances.  Only after 30-45 minutes did the hotel offer to allow me to use the service elevator, which was 5 feet from the other elevator.


I feel given the category of hotel, that the service was subpar.  Yet, other than bottled water and fans, we received zero compensation.