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What's the "Extra Person" charge policy at W Punta De Mita ?

Question asked by jurgenlison on Jun 3, 2019
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At the very last step of my online reservation at the W Punta De Mita (Puerto Vallarta) for my wife + me + my 8 year old son, an "extra person fee" was added to the effect of 90 USD per night. Despite entering during the reservation process on the Marriott website that the reservation is for 2 adults and one eight year old, the reservation confirmation shows three adults - which could have triggered this line item. (I cancelled and redid the reservation making sure I identified the 3rd person as an 8 year old, but to no avail - same result).


Here comes the funny part: the email reservation confirmation states: "Extra adult charge (children may be exempted)" - again, I did specify it was 2 adults + one 8-year old child. So is 8 year old considered an adult ? On the hotel website, there is no mentioning of this charge or the related policy (when is it due ? when is it waved ?)


Here comes the unacceptable part: on May 23rd I contacted Marriott Bonvoy support (the reservation is made with points plus upgrade points) to understand if I would be due to pay this extra person charge or not - to avoid any issues at the check in desk. The answer I received was that the hotel would provide me with an answer in 3 to 5 business days. I heard nothing back, so on May 30th I send a reminder reply reiterating the question. Still no response.


So I'm turning to this community for answers... does someone know ? Does someone experienced the same ?


Given that in another recent entry on this board (ele926404, it was mentioned that the Platinum Free Breakfast at this property has been reduced down from the buffet to just coffee/juice/fruit/toast (with $30 breakfast upgrade fee for the buffet) I stand to just cancel my reservation if on top I get to pay $90 upgrade fee per day plus yet another $30 for the breakfast upgrade per person...


Keenly interested in your comments ...