Booking 3 rooms - getting the correct room night credit

Discussion created by lonnalinda on Jun 2, 2019
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Going to Renaissance Aix en Provence later this summer.  It has been 4 years but we loved this hotel!! 

Going to book 3 rooms.  


Room 1 for 4 nights - using an award certificate (one I selected for 75 nights) to pay for one of the nights. 

Paying for 3 nights and get 1 night free.  


Room 2 for 3 nights - since I have 3 suite night award (SNA) left in my account I had to book my room for 3 nights and then I subsequently booked another room for 1 night.  Paying for 4 nights.  


Room 3 for 1 night (have some friends joining us - my treat to them). Paying for 1 night.  


Not sure how to best phrase this, but since multiple rooms - how do I let Marriott know that I want the "night" credit for Room 2 shown on my account since I will be paying for 4 nights?  Hope I am making sense but I would like to get 4 nights credit knowing that when I book other rooms I will only get points.  And I will use my Marriott credit card to pay.  All rooms will be under my name.  


Thanks for any insight.