Negligence on Marriott's part results in travel certificate cancellations. No help from Marriott at all.

Discussion created by howieg on May 30, 2019
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I have had some past, and pleasant, dealings with Bill Marriott, who I hope will take my appeals seriously; however, I have found it necessary to file complaints with the multiple offices of consumer protection with 3 different attorney general's offices, so as to be able to try to at least get the last person with whom I dealt with at Marriott to be brought in for counseling.  I don' want anyone fired. I do want a travel certificate that is worth several thousand dollars restored that was cancelled by the direct negligence of "Markus", an employee of Marriott, who I know did not intend harm, but has cause great harm beyond belief. 


A few weeks ago, I asked that a travel certificate for a stay at the Renaissance Hotel in Barga, Italy, be used for a stay at a Residence Inn in Denver, Colorado.  I called and "Markus" said I could do that.  I specifically told him I had two certificates, one for a stay at the Renaissance Trocadero in Paris, which was a Category 8 hotel at the time of the original reservation with a Travel Package under the old rules, and another at the Renaissance Il Ciocco in Barga, Italy, which was a category 6 hotel under the old rules.  I specifically asked if I could use the Il Ciocco to reserve a one week stay in Denver.  "Yes," was his reply.  I asked him to let me give him my reservation number for the Il Ciocco to avoid mistakes.  "Not necessary," on his end.  Markus cancelled my stay in Paris.  He did not cancel my stay at the Il Ciocco.


Once I realized Markus' error, I communicated with the Marriott program through the corporate site, and asked that my certificate at the Paris hotel be restored, and that my certificate for the Il Ciocco be used instead for the stay at the Denver Residence Inn.  GUESS WHAT?!!  The Marriott then cancelled my stay at the Il Ciocco--but DID NOT RESTORE MY CERTIFICATE AT THE PARIS PROPERTY!!!

This lead to other emails to Marriott.  That lead to calls to Marriott.  And, each time, on the multiple calls, something went wrong, the computer went down, the rep couldn't find my stay in Paris, and the whole run around.  The final rep hung up on me and I have never been so mistreated in my entire life by a frequent stay program--I am Titanium for Life, which means nothing.


I cannot get any assistance from Marriott through phone calls.  I can only now resort to legal actions.  My complaints will go beyond Attorney General's offices.  My hope is Mr. Marriott will remember me from something I sent him to send on o his god son, Mitt Romney.  But, I wills say I will not stay at Marriott in the future.  My business travels are resuming.  I will return to the IHG group where I have been Royal Ambassador in the past on several occasions.  The merger with Starwood, if that is the problem and I do not know it is, but, Marriott, you guys SUCK!