Bonvoy app can't reserve rooms

Discussion created by telliott on May 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2019 by jonsummers

I just stayed in a SoCal Marriott suite for nearly a week. I tried to book another stay using the Bonvoy app. After I selected the check-in and check-out dates, the app showed me half a dozen options, including standard king rooms and concierge suites. I tried selecting a suite, but the app flashed a red banner across the top saying it couldn't reserve the room. I backed up and tried all of the offered rooms with the same result. When I called the property, they said one of the nights in my range was oversold.


So the Bonvoy app accepted my date range, showed me half a dozen options as available, and then couldn't reserve any of those options. Shouldn't reservations be the very bare minimum functionality for an app that Marriott is pushing so hard? The very patient rep at the property recommended that I call the Bonvoy program number to share my frustration. The Bonvoy number on the site turned out to be another reservations line with no insight into the app. I called another Bonvoy number. The Bonvoy agent said she didn't use the Bonvoy app, but she would make a note about my concerns.


Does anyone at Marriott actually use the Bonvoy app? Are they aware that it apparently cannot identify a sold-out property within a specified date range? Marriott is spending millions of dollars on TV ads touting the Bonvoy rewards program. It would be nice to see them shift some of those ad dollars to making the Bonvoy app work.