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Discussion created by jpwest on May 22, 2019
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Hello all -


I have noticed a lot lately, when checking into various hotels; more times than not I am not acknowledged for being a Titanium member; or asking if I would like points or something else.  Additionally, many times the welcome gift points are not added.  Unfortunately, the same goes with the "go green" points not being added to the point balance.


As much as I travel, these points add up - So, I end up calling Marriott to have them manually add it late.  Sort of a waste of time to call in; and I feel like I am begging for something that should be automatic.


If anyone from Marriott reads this - A coaching moment to get to the hotels and have them address this with their front desk staff at check in and properly welcome Elite members?  I am pretty sure it should go something like this:  Thank you for being a "Titanium/Gold/etc" member - Would you like points as your gift?  :-)