Bonvoy Point value versus Chase Ultimate Rewards

Discussion created by screechowl on May 25, 2019
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I recently booked a night at the London Heathrow Airport Renaissance using 25k Bonvoy Points and then I realized that I had Chase Rewards Points earned through my business Ink card and that since this was technically a trip for my (own) business I decided to book instead with Chase points and save the Bonvoy points for another (personal) use. Here's what the same room cost with Chase (via Expedia, their captive OTA):

Price breakdown

Room price: $209.37 
1 night: $179.04 
13,958 PTS redeemed: -$209.37


Trying to figure this out in terms of best value.  Here is a points value site: It says that Bonvoy = $0.007 and Chase = $0.017.  But using these values equals $175 in Bonvoy points (low) and $237.29 in Chase points (high).


I am very bad at math. The above may be totally wrong. But I really want to know what to use when. Can anyone advise me?