Suite Nights being denied - what happens when they expire?

Discussion created by greenit on May 25, 2019
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Hi Everyone,

    I travel a lot for work.  Late last year I choose 10 suite night awards (50 and 75 night awards).  I choose them thinking that when I travel with my family (not as often as I would like) we could get better rooms.  4 family trips since December. I have requested a suite upgrade each time for the total stay.  Every time it was denied.  I still have 10.  
    I am at 49 nights this year.  I will have the choice to make at 50 nights again.  I really like the idea of Suite Nights... but with the CONSTANT denial.  I guess I have a question.  What happens at the end of the year when they expire and I get no benefit because the hotels keep denying the Suite Night Awards?


Suggestion: Suite Night Awards should be a higher priority.


Side Note: Yes I put in the request for the current hotel via the app and via Titanium elite phone line months in advance.  Not for lack of trying!