Keep the points or convert to airline?

Discussion created by travelsprite on May 21, 2019
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Hello fellow Insiders,


So now that I've posted a couple of times I'm a little more comfortable to ask an open-ended question on here...


To start:  I travel with my family a few times a year and every couple of years we go abroad for a month or two at a time.  Now, we started staying with Marriott last year when we picked up the Amex SPG card (before the merger) and then had a couple of periods of heavy traveling paid out of pocket, not points.  We've accrued just under 200K in points total.  


Now, 100K of that we're using to stay in the Chamber's Wing of the St. Pancras this summer (with a cash upgrade).  We have quite a few nights booked this summer which will get us close to another 100K points.  My question is this:


Is it worth converting 60K of those points to Delta for 25K miles?  I know the supposed "value" isn't equal (depending on who's system) but we have found that we are much more open to varying levels of hotels or vacation rentals and usually find a way to save money with that portion of the trip, as opposed to plane tickets, where you don't have the wide variety of price options (we always fly economy paying full freight for 4).  In short, we "value" plane tickets more.


With the current redemption rates, combined with the fact that we generally travel to major cities for at least 4-5 nights at a time, there usually aren't alot of category 3 options that appeal to us and in many areas vacation rentals are a much better option.


Should I just start converting all of my Marriott points to airline miles?