Hilton Head Resort & Spa, Titanium (Pinnochio) Support

Discussion created by fedupplt on May 21, 2019

I had 3 rooms booked for Hilton Head Marriott Resort & Spa. I am lifetime Titanium, another couple is gold and the third is Platinum. The platinum couple requested cancelling their room after reading numerous unfavorable reviews concerning this resort, subsequently making a reservation at Omni.

I called the hotel, spoke with a Julie Owens who stated she is the assistant GM. I told her we were going there for our 40th anniversary, the other couple was celebrating their 10th and the third (who abandoned their reservation) was celebrating their 25th. I asked Julie for the possibility of an upgrade or something special as this was for an occasion.

She informed me she would "note it but wouldn't make any commitments".

I then called the titanium lifetime elite line, spoke with "Ann", reiterated to her the conversation that transpired with Julie. She stated she would check availability for an upgrade, then told me none were available, the hotel was completely sold out.

Unfortunately this character, who also plays Pinnochio, does not comprehend honesty. While she was claiming the hotel was sold out, I was looking online at availability. I could block 1 room or 6 rooms at EVERY level of availability the hotel offers for the same nights.

Every year I find myself frequenting Marriott properties less often than the previous year. It has become apparent that Marriott is not concerned about their reputation or their "faithful" members as evidenced not just in my experience, but reinforced by numerous negative comments on Yelp, Tripadvisor and Marriott's own site.

I had the pleasure of meeting Bill Marriott in 1975 while in law school and working on his house. If he had any indication that Marriott would become a second class venue to ANY guest, he would have liquidated back then.

How unfortunate that Marriott does not care any more?!