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Getting screwed on the Double Take promo

Question asked by usmcoop on May 21, 2019
Latest reply on May 27, 2019 by usmcoop

I signed up for the Double Take promo when it was offered months ago, knowing I would make out very well with it due to business travel for almost all of April through after the promo ends on June 4th. I read the terms carefully, to ensure all of my nights would count- I was well aware of the fact that it starts with your second stay. I had two stays (March 30-April 1, and April 1-2) prior to my check in on April 8th, so it was, without question, my third stay and I should be getting double base points for all of these nights spent at the Westin Abu Dhabi.


Here's where Marriott seems to be screwing me- despite the terms clearly stating the definition of a stay:"A “stay” is defined as consecutive nights spent at the same hotel, regardless of check-in/check-out activity on any points-eligible rate (“Qualifying Rate”)" ,which makes absolutely no mention of how the stay is paid for, they are claiming that my first two stays do not apply because I used points for those stays. Has anyone else come across this situation? It took Marriott weeks to respond to this, and when I tried to explain what I said above to the lady on the phone, she became extremely rude and defensive, and skirted my questions until eventually hanging up on me. Apparently she thought I was trying to ask why I didn't get double points for my stays that I paid for with points (I actually know 0 x 2=0) I stand to miss out on around 100K points if Marriott doesn't honor their promotion. 


I have never had a bad customer service experience with Marriott in the 4 or so years I've been Platinum/Titanium. If this is how they are going to respond to legitimate questions then I guess its time to give IHG a shot, because this is a disgrace. IHG already matched my status, so its looking like time to say Bon Voy...