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Are you lot all missing out?

Question asked by brilin on May 20, 2019
Latest reply on May 22, 2019 by brilin

In order to solve a missing night and stay problem with Bonvoy I decided that I needed to book a single night somewhere to ensure double points and a free night on my week long trip to Tenerife in June. I decided to call back on an old favourite of mine, The Aloft in Liverpool, the home of the best breakfast anywhere( brightlybob) and the best hotel burger anywhere( me). I decided to book a room for 3rd June for myself and the boss. I was totally amazed to find that the price for that night was £63 using my Senior Discount. You can't get a room in a grotty bed and breakfast for that kind of money in the UK let alone a quality hotel in a great location like the Aloft. I checked other nights around the date and all were very reasonable ( the Liverpool Marriott was well over £100 for the same time.) What an incredible deal.