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How to get medical assistance regarding slip and fall?

Question asked by candiie55 on May 20, 2019
Latest reply on May 25, 2019 by iahflyr

I was staying at the Protea Wanderers Hotel by Marriott in Johannesburg.  Which the staff we very nice; however I had an incident after 1 am  on 4/27/19 heading to the lobby bar to dine in.  As I was walking toward the bar I fell and hurt my left side hip and shoulder trying to brace myself.  I did not notice the floor was wet and I immediatedly ask the youngman what did he put on the floor after another staff and the custodian assist me off the floor. Which the guy never place an wet floor sign on the floor still after I fell.  My concern I am still have reoccurring issue after this fall and needing additional medical assistance. I have been giving the run around and no one  from Protea Wanderers Hotel by Marriott is trying to assist me on resolving this matter.  The Hotel call a doctor to see on the day that I was leaving and gave me a shot and pills.  But, am still recurring pain.  I went to doctor afterward and my insurance is giving me the blues due to accident happen out of country.  I can't continue to pay out of pocket expenses of something I did not cause.  Do anyone have any suggestions or information to provide to seek the help I need.