What happens when you show up and the hotel doesn't have a room for you?

Discussion created by karo7 on May 20, 2019
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I've been traveling for work for a few years now, always staying with Marriott (titanium elite!), and never had anything like this happen to me before.. 

I arrive at my usual Fairfield Inn hotel on a Monday night, late, ready to check in (had reservation & did mobile check-in) and the girl at the front desk tells me they DON'T HAVE A ROOM FOR ME. Nobody contacted me beforehand or did anything to get back-up accommodations for me. WTF? It's midnight and I'm exhausted. The front desk girl suggested the Holiday Inn next door ... (srsly?!). I had her call another Fairfield Inn 15 mins away to check for availability and ended up staying there. I called Marriott members line because I was pissed and couldn't sleep. After being on hold for a good while, the Marriott rep comes back and says I'm going to get 90k points, a $100 voucher, and my hotel comped for the week because of this misunderstanding. That sounded great, awesome customer service - thank you. 


Fast forward 2 months - the only thing I've seen is 10k points that the hotel sent me the day after. Even after speaking with the hotel manager and him acknowledging that he would send me the remaining 80k points. What is even worse, the Marriott rep I spoke to on the phone didn't "log a case" for this so every time I call to check in on what's going on, I keep having to explain to each individual the situation and they say nothing is documented and they will "look into it" (the second person legitimately did but he also failed to document anything..).


I really feel like I'm getting the runaround from Marriott and this specific hotel here. I've stayed at this hotel numerous times over the course of a year and this is NOT the way to treat your frequent guests. And Marriott, there is a some standard procedure you must follow when something like this happens to your titanium elite members.. is 10k points really it?! I highly doubt it. 


Anyone else had something ridiculous like this happen? Been promised points/etc and never saw them?