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No more points for third party pay?  (Corporate Travel)

Question asked by n1cemarm0t on May 19, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2019 by nitapita

I heard a rumor that you can no longer earn points on stays booked by your employer (third party pay).  Does anyone know if this is true?


A colleague and I both had long-term stays booked by our employer (directly through Marriott), but I had to unexpectedly check out sooner than planned.  A few days after my checkout, points were credited to my Bonvoy account, as expected.  He, however, was told that members cannot earn points unless they personally booked with Marriott.


This seems confusing, and unfair if true.  I've become so loyal to the Marriott brand because of the benefits I've received for traveling on business.


I hope he just got someone on the phone who didn't know what they were talking about...