Strange offer, poor customer service..

Discussion created by sidewind on May 16, 2019
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I want to share a very disappointing experience with my booking.


I booked a stay in Four Points by Sheraton Munich Central about 1 month ago through At that time, superior guest room member rate was about 100 Eur/night, and there was an offer which says I can get 50% discount for second room. The offer was for 157.5 Eur/night and it said second room is already included in what I pay (hence 150% normal rate). So I made a booking under that offer.


Then today I was finalizing my itinerary, rechecked flight and hotel bookings, and found the description of the offer for my booking has somewhat changed..It said my booking is for only 1 room, and if I book one more room I can get 50% off of that room (I was still supposed to pay 150% the normal rate for only 1 room though).


I called the hotel and was directed to a staff (called the hotel number, but not sure if she was the hotel staff or just customer service staff). I explained the situation, and after checking with my reference number she just said my booking is for only 1 room. So I explained again there was some change in the condition of my booking without any notice but she didn't seem to care and repeated the booking was for only 1 room and said I made some mistakes. She didn't even try to check if there's anything wrong with other colleague or other department. I clearly didn't make any mistakes, so I asked her then to check why I'm supposed to pay 150% normal rate for only 1 room but she didn't want to check and repeated she cannot do anything about it and that I'm the one who made the mistakes.


So I asked, if you check, you can find that normal room rate is 100 Eur/night but I'm going to pay 157.5 Eur for the same 1 room, why is it like this? ...but before I finish my words she abruptly HUNG UP the phone!! While I was still speaking!? Is this how marriott treats their customers? Not a big deal, but I'm a gold elite at least..Yeah, maybe just an untrained staff but this should not happen! So disappointing.