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Is this Marriott policy or are the "loyalty" agents just unhelpful?

Question asked by travelsprite on May 14, 2019
Latest reply on May 16, 2019 by hallchr

Hi friends,


So I'm actually very curious as to what everyone thinks:  I have a reservation for the AC Porto in the Junior Suite this summer.  The website, in all its glory, would not give me this option if I had more than 2 people in the reservation.  As we are traveling with our two kids, I knew the suite would have more than enough space, so I booked it, knowing that I'd have to add the two kids later.


Here is where the fun the past, Marriott agents being trained to do as little as possible apparently, I was told I'd have to call the hotel, which I have done (see my St. Pancras post).  However, I also rack up international phone bills doing so.  In my experience, brands like IHG and Hilton have agents that have actually done this for me so I don't have to call the hotel myself, even on international properties. 


So I called Marriott customer service and got a perfectly nice agent.  When I told her I wanted to add my kids to this reservation, that I've done so successfully in the past, etc she IMMEDIATELY jumped to "oh, if the website won't let you do it it can't be done", which we all know is nonsense.  When I mentioned that I'd been successful in doing it before, she said "I have to look up the fire code", and she said this room would not allow more than 2 due to this mysterious "fire code".  She began arguing at this point.


I then asked if she would be willing to call the hotel for me to ask.  Its this response where Marriott jumped the shark...she actually said "We have no way to call the hotel".  Serously?!  They have no phones?  To paraphrase Ben Affleck in "Boiler Room" tell me you don't like me, tell me you don't like my f@$ckin' neck tie, but don't tell me you can't make a phone call!


The kicker is that, immediately after getting off the phone with Marriott I immediately bit the bullet and called the hotel (racking up a bill) and, guess what?  The hotel was HAPPY to add my kids to the reservation!  No charge for it!  Ugh....


Seriously, what is up with these agents?  Does Marriott just tell them to do nothing for the customer or are they just hopeless?