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SNA Advice - Cleveland Metropolitan at The 9

Question asked by gobisbay on May 13, 2019
Latest reply on May 17, 2019 by leggatt

I have a reservation for this coming Saturday night at Metropolitan at The 9, Autograph Collection in downtown Cleveland.  Because the Cleveland Marathon is on Sunday, rates in downtown C-town are astronomical, so I used my SPG AMEX (now I guess Bonvoy AMEX) anniversary free night cert to book a King room as it is a Cat 5 property.  Because I am a Platinum Elite, I made a SNA request to upgrade the room to a King room on the RSRV floor which provides access to the RSRV Lounge (elites don't get access to this lounge, only those staying on the floor).  There were also a couple suite options but I figured I'd modify the request to add those later in the week if I hadn't been granted the RSRV room.


I just looked this morning and I've heard nothing about my request, but it's only 5 days out right now so that's OK.  However, my reservation now shows as being for a 2-Queen suite.  My advice is whether I should cancel my SNA request and just assume that I'm locked into the suite?  The lounge would be nice but we're not going to be in the hotel a whole lot to really take advantage of it and the suite is a bigger room with probably a bigger and nicer bathroom.  The hotel shows RSRV rooms available still for Saturday night though when I looked previously the hotel was showing fully booked.  My guess is the hotel probably thinks they can sell $550+ regular rooms last minute vs $650+ suites.  They may have had some marathon runners cancel reservations because some of the other downtown hotels have dropped rates (the Marriott Key Tower was about $415 and is now about $250).


Has anyone stayed at this property?  Or just have advice in general about using SNAs?  This is my first request as most properties I've stayed at this year don't participate in the SNA program.  Should I leave my request to hedge my bet?  I'd be happy with a free upgrade to the suite, and I'd be fine using the SNA on the RSRV room if I got it too though it feels a bit wasteful if I'm turning down a nice free upgrade to get it.  I'm unsure if I'll even be able to use my 5 SNAs this year though.


On that note, has anyone stayed at the Marriott Cleveland East in an Executive King room?  I'm staying there Sunday night and that's an option for the SNAs but the site doesn't list square footage for rooms at this property and there's one picture that looks like a regular king room.  I just don't know if it is worth using an SNA if the room isn't much different.  This property has either just completed renovations or is almost finished so rooms may have changed.  The pictures in the SNA request look like pictures from before the renovations but the pics on the regular booking pages of the site are newer.  I'm also staying in Pittsburgh at the Springhill Suites North Shore from Mon - Wed next week and they have an SNA option for an Executive King Suite but the room details are IDENTICAL to the regular King Suite that I already have booked.  It doesn't even appear to be a room type that they offer at the hotel (which is also undergoing renovations so that room type may either be new or obsolete).  I think I'll avoid using 2 SNAs at that property.