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Where to honeymoon

Question asked by makang on May 11, 2019
Latest reply on May 17, 2019 by iahflyr

Hi Everyone,

First time user here, so sorry if this has been answered prior, but I just found out about this insider chat. I'm planning my honeymoon and we're stuck on where to go. We live in New England, so JFK and Bos are both proximal, and we can take a plane almost anywhere. I have been saving points for a long time for this very reason. My fiance, has never seen pristine blue water, so I was thinking somewhere tropical. I'm wondering if anyone can speak to theri experiences at properties in Bora Bora, Maldieves, Hawaii, Thailand, or Bali. At one point was thinking to do 4 nights on points fifth night free, but don't know if the properties (cat. 7 &8) in these locations offer that. Any help, advice, guidance would be much appreciated thank you.

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