Charged for a unbooked night. Anyone had same situation before?

Discussion created by porkbelly07 on May 8, 2019
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Hello all,


I was travelling to Baton Rouge, LA last Friday, May 3rd. I tried to book for a hotel on the Bonvoy app on my phone, but no sign showed a reservation in my account. Bonvoy app was down; No confirmation emails. I was confused if I made the reservation or not. I called Marriott Bonvoy and asked if my reservation is booked successfully. The lady told me Bonvoy is experiencing a technical breakdown and she can't see anything on her side neither, so she said sorry you have to book from somewhere else.


I booked somewhere else and on this Monday I found out my credit card (AMEX starwood) was charged for that night.

Checked my email and my bonvoy account. Still nothing. I called hotel first; they said they were holding the room for me that night. I said but I did not receive any confirmation or calls. They said I should call Marriott Bonvoy. So I called the customer support (loyalty member) on Tuesday. They were like okay let us contact the hotel and we will call you back. Nobody called me back or emailed me anything. I had to call Bonvoy again today (Wednesday) and was told because the hotel refused to refund Bonvoy will not refund me. Case was closed. 


I am very disappointed on how this issue is resolved. Plus all the customer staff answering the call were very cold and indifferent. The most thing they said was "we can't do anything with it here". From my own perspective, I did everything I could while booking the hotel and even tried to call to prevent something stupid happen. I honestly don't think I should pay for the consequence. Any friends experienced something like this before? Any suggestions? 


Thank you to everyone who holds up your patience and read this.


Wish you all have a wonderful day