Back to Rome (2019) ... and a few more pics

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Back at the Marriott Grand Flora in Rome. [Now with a handful of additional pictures....] The best news is that, this year, my spouse is with me, and she concurs that there is a reason this property is perceived as a classic.  (It's not perfect, but there's much to recommend it.)  This year they put us in a (very) nice corner room - slightly smaller, but I think nicer than the room I had last year...


And, from here, it's off to Geneva, for a week in the (frankly, exquisite) President Wilson (one of the many splendid pick-ups we gained with the Starwood acquisition)!!!  Here's a quick run-down on my prior stay there:


Oh, and, yes, iahflyr, we checked SERIOUS luggage on this trip.  Two weeks of suit-tie-dress shoe needs, even anticipating reliance on hotel laundry services (which bum me out, but that's life), plus camera/laptop/kindle carry-on... and, well, it is what it is...


Here's some fun pics (so far).  This one - from the Piazza del Popolo (the People's Square) is my favorite so far...

from the Piazza del Popolo


Gotta love the classic Fiats (now tourist rentals):

classic Fiat


Kind of fun - here's the ritual noon firing of the "canon" on Giancolo Hill (apparently, a longstanding tradition, instituted by Pope Pius IX, to help synchronize Rome's clocks)..

Giancolo Hill

I tried a couple of different angles at the Trevi Fountain this year - I liked these:

Trevi 1


Trevi 2

and another I liked from the People's square - with the iconic "she wolf" doing her thing!!!People's Square

I may post more later, but, for now, back to work!!! 
[OK,now it's ... later ... and a here's a few more...]

This one, well ... and it's not a pun ... but there's a pizza oven inside, so ... wait for it ... it's a .... Pizza Hut!

Pizza Hut

I kind of was fascinated with this little guy, hiding among the Etruscan ruins....

Etruscan Ruins ... Sentinal

And, a more leisurely resident, outside one of the old castles...


At a family owned vineyard we visited, this rusting antique caught my eye:


Before we tasted the local (goat) cheeses, we met the source....  or at least the family...

Cheese source

And, similarly, before we enjoyed our frittatas, well, you get the idea...

egg source

Anyway, there was eye candy everywhere...



Meanwhile, back in the Borghese Garden, over the weekend, I ran into this fine fellow....

And, it dawns on me that, since I included a cat (above), it wouldn't be right to not also include, well, at least one example of man's best friend:


Oh, and here's my post from last Spring (with, of course,  more ... and more diverse ... pictures!) :


And here's my post from the prior year, when I stayed, not far away, in Frascati (but it was old-style gallery, so you have to open the photos individually):