Aloft, 1st time brand stay

Discussion created by ca6440 on May 10, 2019
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1st time in an Aloft hotel, clean, organized, good bed, wonderful light for reading in bed, a functional desk with a good light and a view of the mountains. I got in a bit late so had a salad and glass of wine, which weren’t outrageously priced. The bartender said I looked tired (yes a long day of driving & work) and brought me two huge glasses of water. Interesting breakfast marketing on the elevator doors, (if I hadn’t already bought yogurt & fruit) who could resist those choices.  

In no way a complaint, this is usually the opposite issue....I’m 5’9” and the shower head was so high I couldn’t reach it to adjust the spray. Fabulous for seven footer basketball players and the soap/shampoo rack was about shoulder height. I only heard one door close early, and it was lovely and quiet, no noise from the rooms next door (parking lot was 75% full).  A great value, very friendly staff and a good night sleep.  #AloftPortlandHillsboroOR