Switching from points to certificate on future reservation?

Discussion created by fuzzybass on May 9, 2019
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I have a future reservation that requires 35,000 points per night for two nights


I have two up to 35,000 night certificates (actually one is 40,000 point night) and called to switch so I could use these instead.


The person on the phone said no problem however when she went to do it, she couldn't.  Not only that but it took a while as they had to credit my account with 30,000 points because as soon as they tried to change the reservation it booked it as a 50,000 point reservation.

She as a friendly as can be and listened to my frustration with patience.


It seems to me that the certificates are becoming less and less valuable


What are your thoughts?

Should I be able to use my certificate for my existing reservation even though the category has now changed?