Help me Pick 2020 Vacation\Holidays!

Discussion created by hallchr on May 5, 2019
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After my debacle with American Airways which resulted in me missing the Tipple in London brightlybob for which I have received redemption, I am nowin a Quandary.


We loved the Tradewinds Club at the Marriott Stellaris in Aruba, their lounge was great, decent Breakfast, decent Snacks all day, good dinner and comp drinks all day for us non drinkers..

We are staying in the JW Cancan in October at Club 91 which I believe is similar...


Now the Challenge where can we go next year with Similar facilities, next year...



1. Somewhere warm in April

2. Beach be good for a bit of Snorkelling

3. Decent Lounge, I am LT with Ambassador


So if anyone has a recommendation please let me know..... Not Marco Island, preferred that before it became a JW!