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Should Marriott owner services allow reservation of a timeshare unit even though the week's owner has not deposited it?

Question asked by mauisweetie on May 5, 2019

Thirteen months ago we reserved a 3 bedroom unit for 10 days in Maui with a check-in of May 10. We were notified just a few days ago that we will not be able to stay in the same unit for the entire 10 days since the owners of the units will be using their weeks (Why didn't they know this sooner?). Consequently, In the 10 day reservation we will need to move twice! This is not what I consider a vacation in having to move twice for our family with 20 month old twins!  We do not feel we have been treated respectfully nor appreciated for our loyalty, especially since we purchased weeks and points over the past 20 years to become Titanium status. Owner Services or the Room controller had 13 months to inform us that it did not have a 3 bedroom unit that could accommodate us and chose not to inform us until last week, we assume because they wanted us to spend more of our points and to not let the units go partially vacant.  Shouldn't the computer reservation system be able to disclose that the stay will or will not be consecutive days in the same unit? Does this amount to double booking ,non-disclosure or bait and switch? In receiving confirmation of our 10 day reservation 13 months ago, we assumed it would be 10 days consecutive in the same unit. If we had been given full disclosure in the confirmation email and a follow-up phone call, that the stay would involve moving twice, we would have selected a different unit that would enable us to stay in the same unit for 10 days. Has anyone else encountered this problem elsewhere or is it just Maui? If the 3 bedroom weeks owners do not opt to deposit their weeks for points, should Marriott allow the unit to be reserved using points even though it is not available? In this upsetting situation, the points system has failed us.