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How will the night be credited if check-in after night audit ?

Question asked by victor_marriott on May 7, 2019

I made the reservation and informed the hotel via the APP that I would arrive after 3 A.M the next day due to the flight delay. I have contacted the hotel twice to make sure they know my situation, and also they can arrange the room in advance, so I would not wait for a long time when I arrive after the exhausting flight delay. I finally arrived at the hotel about 4 A.M.


However, I found the night was not credited to my account a few days later. Actually, this is not the first time that I arrived at hotel at the midnight, but I was always given the nights credit. So, I am really curious about should I be credited the night due to the policy of Marriott this time?  If not, why different hotels handle this differently? And in most cases, I was credited.


Thx XD