Al la carte room service - Renaissance Seattle

Discussion created by mgcandfnc on May 7, 2019
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We are currently staying in the Renaissance Seattle Hotel -- as part of a driving trip from Seattle down the west coast to Newport Beach, CA.  We were lucky enough to be upgraded to a "Presidential Suite" and given the perfect evening and dining areas within the suite we decided that rather than going out for dinner we would relax in our suite and order room service.  OH dear what a mistake.

The property has decided that room service should be a "green" service.  We ordered Grilled Trout ($29) and Grilled Tiger Prawns ($18).  We had picked up some decent wine on the way back to the hotel so no need to order wine.

Twenty minutes later the "meal" arrived -- packed in a plastic takeout container, along with polystyrene plates and plastic cutlery.  The food was pretty poor at best #but more importantly what was more concerning is that this is evidently "Seattle style" room service.  Our take was if we want a takeaway we will order it -- but room service should be a proper meal -- not a poor quality takeout.


Has anyone else experienced this ?


We discussed this with the Room Operations Manager who told us that this was the latest "trend".  I suspect it was something that went through a focus group without any one really being reminded that visitors to top end hotels expect quality food and service.


Really disappointing start to our vacation -- let's hope the Portland Marriott has remained traditional.