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Marriott award nights - issue with booking & deduction

Question asked by lonnalinda on May 5, 2019
Latest reply on May 5, 2019 by bacon14

Question regarding using free night awards.  I have 2 earned free night awards.


(1) award night (free night up to 25,000 points) from having a Marriott credit card AND

(1) award night (free night up to 40,000 points) from earning titanium status - "Annual Choice Benefit".  


In the past for the credit card award night I would speak with a Marriott representative and book my hotel room.  E certification would be sent directly to hotel.  I would pay taxes.  Recently I spoke with a Marriott representative to book a hotel using my 25K award night in France.  The hotel I was looking at is a category 3.  Hotel was booked several weeks ago and at upon reviewing my account today I see that the award is still listed under my overview AND my account was deducted 17,500 points (Category 3 amount).  


For the same trip at a different hotel (Category 5) I wanted to use my annual choice benefit award for my free night.  I did this a different day and spoke to a different representative to handle my request.  Again I checked today and the award is NO longer listed under my overview BUT my account was deducted 35,000 points (Category 5 amount).


Has Marriott changed it's policy using free nights certificates?  I have not called yet as I am hoping for some tips/answers from the experts in this group.  Not sure why 1 award is still listed as "available" but they deducted 17,500 points and why the  titanium award is now gone from my overview and my account has 35,000 points deducted.  


Shouldn't my account points be untouched and just the appropriate certificate used for hotel stay?  I've been with Marriott for some 10+ years and have never had an issue.  Hope I am making sense.  Thanks in advance.