Update on my Ambassador / SNA thoughts

Discussion created by trippinbillies40 on May 4, 2019
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Sorry, haven't had time to be on here much lately, but I was pretty vocal about the Ambassador service and SNA's right after the programs merged.  Well, my honeymoon is next week in Los Cabos, so quick update for everyone.  My ambassador originally helped with me with a pretty good plan. I booked two reservations at the same time. We wanted to stay at Solaz totally on points, but they only allow basic rooms on points (240k for five nights).  They DO have wonderful inventory available to request with SNA's, so we requested a Gallery Grand 1br suite with a plunge pool that would total out at just under $9k for the stay cash rate after taxes and fees.  Just in case we couldn't get an upgrade, we also had a reservation booked at the Griffin Club at the JW since I could actually book a nice room there on points (625k!!!).  

Anyways, my ambassador gave me a call yesterday and worked hard to push Solaz to confirm our SNA's while i could still cancel the JW reservation. She had success!!  From there, she took copious notes about the snacks and drinks we preferred, set several dinner and spa reservations for us, and even arranged some travel. She has been absolutely amazing.


I'll update everyone on the resort itself when we get in, but i expect it'll be nothing short of amazing.


When I first spoke with my ambassador last year, I told her I really didn't need much help for business travel, but to save all her pull for my honeymoon, and boy has she ever.  I'll update from Cabo with pictures!!!


One other quick note... Cancelling the JW reservation at 625k points puts my bank back to just over 1million