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LTPP downgraded?

Question asked by carbide_cyanide on May 4, 2019
Latest reply on May 8, 2019 by gatorlitigator

Another question for you all. Prior to the August conversion I was lifetime Platinum under the seven years / 2.1 million points rule. I eagerly awaited my new lifetime Platinum Premier status with the conversion. There was a weird glitch where I was showing as gold in the app but online my status was correct. As I prepare to ramp up into my conference season and travel around sixty nights in 4 months, I was checking my status and noticed I am now lifetime gold. I do currently retain titanium status but the lifetime status is very clearly incorrect. Attached is a screenshot from the website detailing that at one point in January I was in fact LTPP .


Is this a known issue that anyone else is having? Have calls rectified this, or is this just another issue of Marriott IT falling short?