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How to escalate issue with Marriott customer support?

Question asked by bktravelstheworld on May 3, 2019


I am a - meanwhile totally frustrated - Silver Member seeking for advice how to escalate an issue with customer support.

They underlying request/issue is really simple: I need my folio /bill for a business travel corrected as in the address  are several typos and the company name is wrong, which means my company will not accept my travel expense and I will not get my money back. I am trying to fix this now since three weeks.


Location was Mariott Courtyard Springfield/Philadelphia. I tried really everything to get a corrected folio:

- with the staff onsite (could not handle it)

- with Mariott customer service

- with Mariott reservations

- I communicated with  emails and phone calls (I do have an incident number meanwhile,  however nothing happened, despite promises with no action), several hours meanwhile  - on my cost and time - only to get an address field corrected! They keep on passing me from one to the next. 

This is annoying!And it takes really long to get me escalating....


Any idea what else can I do? Who can help me? I cannot believe this happening with an international hotel chain.


Thanks a lot for help!