Lifetime Status - Years in reward program not updating.

Discussion created by mcjets on May 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2019 by tkawaguchi

Is anyone else running into an issue where lifetime program / legacy years are not accurately reflected in their profile?

When the MR and SPG programs came together in August 2018 I was at 8 years of Platinum status or higher (10 years of Platinum + 600 lifetime nights required for lifetime Platinum status)

Even though I met Platinum requirements in 2018, the system never updated for 2019. 

9 months after system merge and new calendar year, still no update on years.

I have made no fewer than 10 calls to Marriott about this issue and opened 2 separate cases.  1st case closed without a call back or resolution.  Second case is a mystery.

No one has any idea why the system is not giving me credit for the 9th year. 

Any similar experiences?